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Life: Is It Ever Perfectly Timed?


Hearing India’s Ready For Love on a rainy laundry day took me deep in thought on this often discussed, seldom answered question: When is the right time for love and ... Read More »

Introducing: Date Curves – The Singles Mixer In Beverly Hills For The First Time


Finally an upscale dating service that caters to curvy women and men that love a curvaceous lady.  From the producer of the “Evolution of Curves™” (One Chance Entertainment)  now brings ... Read More »

Think Like a Woman and Trust your Instincts

Gender Symbols

I must admit I haven’t seen or heard such a buzz among women since the book “He’s just not that into you” was published a few years ago. Steve Harvey’s ... Read More »

Sex and the Single Woman

Sex and the Single Woman 2

Finding a partner to be intimate with for a single woman can sometimes be a stressful situation and even downright scary at times. Where does a woman begin to seek ... Read More »

Valentine’s Day Movie Countdown


Alright, now please don’t shoot the messenger (Sorry, totally lame joke!) but a day that either strikes fear (sometimes anger) or joy will be upon us in exactly a month. ... Read More »

When You’ve Come to the End of the Road

The End 2

It’s a brand new year and all around us people are making brand new starts. Every first of the year we feel as if the slate has been wiped clean ... Read More »

Distant Lovers … so many miles away

Empty Road

When it comes to love and I mean true, down to the bone, your heart is about to jump out of your chest when you hear his name kind of ... Read More »

Do You Really Know What You Want In A Man?

elegant woman

Tall. Handsome. Sweet. Strong. Smart. Responsible. Respectful. All things we as women have listed when asked what we want in a guy. That clearly defined list can sometimes get a ... Read More »