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  • Self Acceptance
    Baring It All: The Body Issue

    You know that feeling when you buy a pair of jeans that fits your curves just perfectly and hugs your thighs...

    Kay James04/05/2014
  • From The Editor
    The Plus Size Community, according to KeKe [Part 1]

    What’s your motivation? I never cared much about being popular nor do I care about going with popular opinion. Being Revolutionary...

    KeKe Simot07/06/2013
  • Curvy Cutie
    Curvy Cutie: Andrea Chambers

    Hi I am Andrea Michelle Chambers I was born and raised in Oakland Ca. I love who I was , who...

    Christa McDuell06/24/2013
  • Curvy Cutie
    Curvy Cutie: Kassandra Kuhn

    Greetings from Germany! My name is Kassandra Kuhn and I’m a freelance Plus Size Model. I live in the south of...

    Christa McDuell05/05/2013
  • The L.O.V.E. Campaign

    There’s a lot of me to LOVE and recently I was asked to participate in a campaign to help women, especially...

    Self AcceptanceRobin Hunt01/28/2013
  • From The Editor
    The CURVY Revolution Hits 60,000 Followers And Why Thats Really Important

    As founder of the CURVY Revolution I believe every BODY is beautiful! I’ll be honest. When I founded the CURVY Revolution...

    KeKe Simot01/20/2013
  • Self Acceptance
    Greater Than Image

    Is image really everything? I think not. In fact, I know that it is not. I have discovered that there is...

    Brandi Taylor11/09/2012
  • Curvy Cutie
    Curvy Cutie: Reilly Marie Shiflett

    Reilly Marie Shiflett is a 14 year old aspiring plus size model. She keeps in shape cheerleading. She is now a...

    Christa McDuell11/07/2012

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