QOTD: Who had the best 2012 Grammy Performance?


What was your favorite Grammy performance this year?

Jennifer Hudson (Whitney Houston tribute)

Rihanna and Coldplay

Chris Brown

Bruno Mars

Alicia Keys and Bonny Raitt tribute to Etta James

Nicki Minaj

3 thoughts on “QOTD: Who had the best 2012 Grammy Performance?

    Felicia Boles


    Just got off the party bus had a ball made so $ im not working 2 day

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    Shafonne Myers from Pretty Pear Bride


    I absolutely loved Adele’s and Jennifer’s performance and of course I have to nod my hat to Chris Brown because he’s from VA!!

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    c.e.o mcclain


    Hey Im trying to do a party bus myself.. can u give me some pointers

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