The makers of HB Clothing say: “Bigger IS better.” I agree. FINALLY… big and tall men don’t ever have to wear the generic baggy t-shirts and sweaters that just don’t fit right. HB Clothing, a new line created by Los Angeles native Mandy Misle, offers super-stylish clothing for men who have trouble finding the right sizes to fit their frame.

Mandy says “HB Clothing: Style for Real Men is just that, Style for Real Sized Men. Everyone should feel confident in the clothes they put on in the morning and a lot of bigger men don’t feel that way. We have created a clothing line that is customized for a larger man from its natural, breathable fabrics, to the fit details that cater to a man of any shape or size. In our clothes, you can go out on a date or show up to a work function feeling good about how you look.”

You’ve probably seen a shirt or sweater basketball great LeBron James was wearing in your favorite magazine, or that flannel shirt with the rolled up sleeves, right. Well, HB Clothing has it all for Lebron sized men. And Just in time for the holidays.

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