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Queen Latifah Finally Out the Closet? And Who Cares?


It’s not exactly earth shattering news. We have all for years suspected that mega star Queen Latifah was indeed a lesbian. Did we care? Nope, we all still buy her music, watch her movies, use her makeup, and some (like me) dream about having a fifth of her success. What took the Diva so long? A press release came out last week that boost Queen Latifah will be headlining the Long Beach Lesbian & Gay Pride Festival this month. She will performing on the main stage on May 19. Organizers said this is the first time she has ever performed at an LGBT festival.

“For her to make her worldwide Pride debut here is a tremendous testament to the popularity of our celebration and the strength of our community,” said Long Beach Pride Co-President Pat Crosby.

After years of rumors and suspected girlfriends Queen has yet to actually publicly utter the words “I’m Gay”.  Maybe this festival is her coming out party. Either way she will always be the Queen to me. Your sexuality, size, or skin color shouldn’t have anything to do with your success.

KeKe Simot

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  1. Jess Ann Goodman says:

    Does this equate to her coming out?!?! Im missing something.

  2. Barbara Currence says:

    i knew it when she was in that movie where they robbed the bank (can’t remember the movie) but she played a lesbian then… who cares if u lesbian, gay, straight or bi… u still jus one person!!

  3. what difference does it make!! none of this takes away from her gifts and talents. She is who she is and sooo what…. Sick of folks judging others because of their race, economical status, lifestyle and/or gender…You go Queen and tell them to kiss your rich, nationally known ass..fuck em all who has something negative to say.

  4. Jamaica Cole says:

    Thats not news….been knew since Set if Off

  5. Mamie Robinson-Crosby says:

    whos really surprised, now she can stop hiding what we all knew…

  6. Deasia Mann says:

    And so what thats her life and her happiness.

  7. LaTanya Wright says:

    She played Cleo in Set it Off and your right…who cares! I still like her and she’s a good person people should move on.

  8. That is my girl and her being a lesbian does not change that, if she is

  9. Everybody already knew that that’s old to us please come with something better!! 🙂

  10. Tanika Cheatham says:

    Thats between her and God.

  11. Wait, I thought she was out years ago. Wasn’t she dating her hair stylist or something?

  12. Jaybee Harper says:

    She was with her lover a few years ago in the Caribbean . She never really hide it so just didn’t talk about it……

  13. Sharon Yahn says:

    Good for her. I hope she feels more comfortable to be free, and Enjoy her life more. Go Miss Queen! 🙂

  14. Joya Cowins says:

    love the queen no matter what she do she still a diva doing her thang who cares this so late like nobody new its her bizz im still a big fan

  15. DeAndre Stokes says:

    She could be Bi, just because she is doing an event for gays doesn’t mean she is gay. Lady Gaga does stuff for the gay community and she is straight as straight can be…Nothing wrong with supporting your fan base as they support you.

  16. Good for her, she’s still a beautiful woman.

  17. Lesha Lacy says:

    Lets just pray he out doesnt effect her career. Black people will continue their support,as sex never plays apart of knowing sheer talent..We still love Latifah…aka Dana Owens. My thing is your pref is your own…much love..

  18. Ok when did she make the announcement? I am missing that. If it is thats her choice, but her performing at the festival is not confirmation. If thats the case Eminem performed on the stage with Elton John does that make him gay. Guilt by association. Really thats all it takes.

  19. Crystal Marriott-Sturdevant says:

    1: who cares if she’s gay? She’s a beautiful, smart & talented human being
    2: how does performing at this event mean she’s gay? Many celebrities support the gay community.

  20. Mike Summons says:

    disappointed if its true 🙁

  21. Mike Summons says:

    Not that I ever would’ve met her face to face anyways…

  22. Kathie Lopez says:

    GO FOR IT QUEEN!!!!!!!!

  23. I don’t care…and Duh

  24. Kitty Gopurr says:

    Finally? She came out a very long time ago.

  25. If this is true its not really anyones buisness but her own…. I would of liked a shot at treating her right though ..

  26. Marini Bostic-Mcduffie says:

    Why is this relevant when it was already speculated? Her situation not mine

  27. Shaye Jones says:

    Eveybody knew back in the 90″s!

  28. Gina Ashamecca Jordan says:


  29. Joyce Bryant says:

    From what I understand she is a very nice person, and to me that is all that matters it is her life and who are we to jugde.

  30. Carlos Marquez says:

    What a shame..

  31. It*s ur life live it how*who u like.. Ur a beautiful black queen n I luv u no matter what……

  32. Monica Eskew says:

    i dont care if she is gay, We love u Queen.

  33. Not that it matters 1 way or the other, but this is not a coming out. Many strait celebs are big LGBT supporters. Maybe she is maybe she isn’t, but until she says it I think folks should let it go.

  34. Rita Culbreth Haynes says:

    Who cares. Was’nt hard to figure out. She’s always acted masculine. To each his own!!!!

  35. James Thomas II says:

    I still loves me sum Dana Owens regardless!! Oooowweeeee!!

  36. Celia Davis says:

    Everyone knew she was back then but it being out dont change who she is. She is talented beautiful black women

  37. Alima Wafiyah says:

    I really don’t care about her sexuality. I wish the press will stop running with stories based on presumptions and speculation. I think we all need to call her lesbian when she say it is so. Who knows she might be doing the show to keep the tabloids buzzing her name. We all know celebrities lose their stardom when people forget their names.

  38. Tara says:

    Performing is not coming out. Publicly stating that you are a lesbian is coming out. I hope she does publicly state it, I think she could be a fantastic role model for young Black GLBT youth. If she doesn’t that’s ok to, not our business and she isn’t obligated to put her business out there.

    But performing at at GLBT festival is not coming out unless the festival is known to only hire GLBT performers. For anyone to suggest that a person is gay because of where they perform is kind of ignorant.

  39. I never knew she was IN the closet. It was just known to me and it didn’t matter

  40. It’s Like We Didn’t Know She Was A Lesbian

  41. Ohemmaa Yaa says:

    Not surprised… When has she ever been seen with a man? Too bad…

  42. not shocked…..but why are people so shocked…..im just happy she is happy and secure in herself….

  43. Cynthia Lewis says:

    She’s still the Queen!!!

  44. MsShy says:

    We can’t think she’s gay just because she’s performing at pride. I’ve attended so many pride events and been asked to preform at them. Been straight, still straight. Its all about acceptance.

  45. I still surport her……..go Ms. Lady

  46. JB Monroe says:

    i do not care that she is lesbian matter fact i bet she did it to get the media off her back w/ gossiip. always best to get it from the source then a 3rd party