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Oscar Style 2012: Melissa McCarthy Hit or Miss

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The pastel  rose colored dress with the  rhinestones at the  collar and waist was soft and feminine but somewhat understated .  The floor length gown was lovely but I was hoping she would bring the full glamor to the Oscars. While she did look beautiful  I was hoping that Melissa would really pull out the stops and go for true movie magic and old fashioned sexiness. I would give this dress a B+.

Brie Stoll

Brie Stoll is a writer, she has been writing for the last 28 years and has been published in several magazines and poetry reviews under her various nom de plumes. Her first published story “The Goddess” was featured as a storyline in the movie “Relax its just sex”. She has worked behind the scenes as a ghost for several writers. In 2010 she returned to the vocation that she loves with her blog , and is currently working on her first mystery Novel .

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  1. She looked beautiful!

  2. Sj Pierce says:

    Hit with gown, miss with the hair.

  3. Lindley says:

    I love this! I do wish she’d worn it in a color, though.

  4. Michael Tatum says:

    Miss! Hate to say it. She looks better in bolder colors.

  5. MahaliaLearningtobea Betterme Meadows says:

    Me personally wouldnt wear the dress, but it is all about what she likes. I think the dress looks fine on her. She looked beautiful and confindent, that is all that matters…

  6. Christine Hagen says:

    Too safe, and not sure the color is all that great

  7. Juanita Harris says:


  8. Miss, unfortunately. I love Melissa but the dress was just not up to par. The color wasn’t vibrant enough for her personality and it really just seemed designed to distract us from her curves, rather than honor them. Now Octavia Spencer was another story – her dress was AMAZING!

  9. Kathy Slone Rogers says:

    too much “gown” for her, and I agree about the color, it was pretty, but did not match her skin tone too well, very “bland” & “pale”.

  10. I really like her but it’s a miss for me, makes her look to frumpy.

  11. Michelina Mazziotta says:

    I wasn’t feeling this on her either..

  12. Erica Brown says:

    This was a miss.

  13. Tracie Meier says:

    I think she is a beautiful woman but this dress did nothing for her…I would say miss!

  14. I find the dress awful… too much pleats, too much ornaments, too much floating sleeves, too pale and too long… I does not suit her at all… and she doesn’t seem at ease with this outfit… she would have been amazing choosing something more simple and fit…