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The First Ever Plus Sized Mermaid

Look out Ariel, the Modified Dolls founder Holly,  is giving you a run for your money! Meet Holly Roettger-Duncan the first ever plus sized mermaid to be spotted actually underwater. The spread was shot by well-known photographer Andrew Brusso for Skinz Magazine at the famous Weeki Watchi Springs Resort. The entire underwater shoot done at  Weeki Watchi is a popular tourist attraction in Florida. The very realistic tails were custom created for Holly by world renowned mermaid tail artist Mertailor.  The artist is well known for his unbelievably beautiful realistic mermaid tails. The plus size tattooed beauty, Holly, now joins the ranks of MTV, Skittles, Lady Gaga, Rupaul, Walt Disney, the NY Times, and many more who have worked with the amazing Mertailor.

Holly Roettger-Duncan

“The photographer, Andrew Brusso, read about us online and loved our mission and look,” said Roettger-Duncan. “He contacted us with this concept of tattooed doll mermaids and then got the approval from Weeki Watchi to photograph us as mermaids there. It is completely unheard of that anyone other than the Weeki Watchi mermaids were being allowed to swim as mermaids in their famous park,” Roettger-Duncan said.

Another one of the “Modified” Dolls

Modified Dolls is a alternative beauty focused  non profit organization. The tattooed and pierced beauties of the organization  supports a different charity each month. Modified Dolls’ goal is to demolish the negative stereotypes associated with being a modified woman by doing charity work. Check the dolls out on


  1. Holly Roettger

    10/08/2012 at 10:28 AM

    YAY! Thank you sooo much! :)

  2. mermaid

    10/25/2012 at 9:32 PM

    There’s been performing plus sized mermaids for years. These ladies aren’t the first, but good for them

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