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Curvy Cutie: Latasha Alexander

Introducing Houston’s Curvy Cutie of the Month

 Ms Latasha Alexander!

My name is Latasha Alexander and I am southern Fashionista with unique northernflair. I am a  29 years old 5’11 mother of one, recruiter and HR person by day and by night and weekend a model and actor. I was born in West Helena Arkansas but grew up in Tennessee, Georgia and New York currently residing in Texas.   I am in love with my curves!  The average women is full figured , adding the curves gives a sexy, sophisticated style that no one can match.

I started modeling at a very young age, and after having my son I thought it was over because I had gained pounds and found it hard to simply find clothes that matched my body type which is mostly legs and curves. At the time I lived in Memphis Tn and a plus size model search came to a hotel nearby and I was told “I was everything they were looking for in a plus model”. I was so excited and proud to find an industry for what I wanted to do most and there were other girls in the world with my same story.  This was the beginning of my journey and years later here I am.

As a Plus size model I enjoy breaking barriers and showing women how they can be sexy with class and elegance. I have worked with many designers for my style and clothing my favorite place to shop is Lane Bryant and Ross. These are inexpensive places I can dress up or dress down with a few extra pieces like a chunky necklace, rings or a cardigan.

When People ask me to describe myself I say “ A Very Sexy Mind” because the mind is the most  attractive body feature on any woman, and then I go on to tell them how I accessories with my beautiful goddess bronze  caramel skin  tone and long legs.  I love collecting shoes, costume jewelry, and I am determined to travel to one international place a year.  2012 has been extremely exciting for me as I will graduate with my MBA in Human Resources and have been invited to numerous modeling venues afterwards.  My message to any “Curvy Gal” Define your curvy with what makes you feel  fantasic! When you look In the mirror and feel all warm and see that smile, know You’ve got it! Use that confidence to go out and conquer the world.


  1. Micha Vo

    09/07/2012 at 2:13 PM

    She looks very good 😉


    10/15/2012 at 4:03 PM

    Very Beautiful Lady on the inside and out!

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