I’m one of the only plus size women I know with small breast. Some days I really don’t care. I mean, there are some advantages to not having big breast right? I don’t have breast related back problems and I can comfortably sleep on my stomach. But other days (not a lot but still significant) I honestly pray that they would grow to at least a full D-Cup (Currently a 40C). Finding a Great fitting Bra surprisingly has become a big problem. The Plus size stores either cost too much or are too big(cup) and the smaller size stores are too small(band). Buying a Bra and Panty set is nearly impossible. Working in Plus size retail, I come across women who have the same problem I do. Being the Studious (hehehe, I love that word) person I am,  did some searching for places to find bra’s with bigger bands and smaller cups:

  • Citi Trends: Yep the company that sponsors different BET shows and events has plus size bra sets starting at a size 40C. Just a tid bit they also have some pretty decent shape wear- Prices start at $6.99
  • Lane Bryant: Of course Lane Bryant has Everything a plus size girl could ever want (except Idris Elba…). Their bra’s start at a 38b and cost $24.99 +
  • Laurensilva.com: If there is one place any women in the world can find a bra this is it. Their bra’s start at 30A and go up to a 56JJ(woah). Prices start at &12.00

Even though I am, for the most part, content with my small breast, there are times I would like for them to appear bigger than what they are. I’ve developed a few magic trick to achieve my little optical illusion

  • I wear a shaper that doesn’t have the bra part which still allows me to wear my own bra and makes my torso look smaller
  • Extremely Wide Belts: I love to find very wide belts and wear them a little under my bussoms. Preferably the belt is a darker color like blue, brown, or black
  • Ruffles & Bows: while they don’t always add size to the bussoms it makes the lack of ample bussoms less noticeable

One Thing I wanna leave you all with is to Love yourself. No matter the size, shape, or whatever. How dare you not Love yourself, You’re Beautiful Dag Nabbit!!!!