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Another One Out The Closet, Sorry Ladies!

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Professional fitness expert Shaun-T is officially off the market. Well actually two markets. October 13, 2012, he married his long time BOYFRIEND Scott Blokker in a 1930’s themed wedding. While the event was only witnessed by a close group of family & friends, the 34 yr old acknowledged his ceremony through a series of retweets on Twitter. How cute,  I know right?

Shaun Thompson  is known for his “Insanity” & “Hip-Hop Abs” workout programs. And guess what,  he also use to dance for Mariah Carey!

Congrats to the new couple, wish you guys the best!

KeKe Simot

Digital Marketing Expert (15yrs+). Editor of CURVY Magazine. Award Winning Producer. Geek. Stylenista.

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  1. Tascha Justtoluvlee Hill says:

    O o

  2. Jese Lewing Gary says:

    That wasn’t a shock. LOL.

  3. Really though a lot of guys that take to much pride in there appearance its a always dead giveaway

  4. Michelle MB Bastian says:

    Duh yall couldnt tell..

  5. Tiffany Nonya says:


  6. Mattalin Searcy says:

    Can u blame a person for loving penis when its such a beautiful thing

  7. LaTonya Dawn says:

    I knew he was gay on the 1st hip hop abs dvd

  8. Shanta Chunn says:

    Is that Sean T of Insanity workout?

  9. It was obvious….he had that ” twang” on his speech!

  10. Carmel Smith says:

    Didnt know he was in. Gay was all over him..

  11. Stephanie Lee says:

    That’s old news. Glad he’s finally settled down.

  12. Nkosi Nurse Johnson says:

    I figured that when I saw him on Steve Harvey lady week.

  13. Dee Johnson says:

    Not surprised at all.

  14. Maudwanda DivineLaw says:

    That’s nothing new nor should it be of anyone’s concern.

  15. Jaztina Santiago says:

    lmao glad I’m not the only one who bn knew that shit

  16. Knew it from the jump!

  17. Sharon Yahn says:

    Good for him!!

  18. Ladi Di says:

    There is nothing shocking about him coming out. If you look at his exercise videos it is VERY clear that he’s gay.

  19. I had no idea!!
    Love/hate his insanity workouts!

  20. Adrienne ShowStoppa Brown says:


  21. Rajini Alicea says:


  22. Vonna Nugter says:

    It was quite obvious that he was … but congratulations for his wedding