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Hollywood Crush: Jon Hamm in “Mad Men”

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Mysterious. Sexy. Intriguing. These  three things are characteristics that Jon Hamm has even when he isn’t playing the always scandalous Don Draper on AMC’s smash hit Mad Men. The 41 year old with credits to his resume such as Mad Men, 30 Rock & the movie The Town; Jon Hamm is no stranger to playing both the good and the bad guy. With his most notorious show to date fifth season premiering Sunday March 25th at 9pm on AMC – Mad Men – we’ll get to see Jon Hamm reprise his leading role as Don Draper. We all know Don Draper’s history on the show – I wonder how Jon will be able to top his character’s past behavior. Also be sure to catch Jon Hamm in his new movie “Friends with Kids” which is now in theaters!

Adrienne Birden

Adrienne is the new biracial “Carrie Bradshaw” - at age 23, this curvy lady is trying to take the world by storm one sentence at a time. She is also a Women's Studies major and an advocate for various causes.

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