This product claims that you can lose weight during exercise more than other standard leggings on the market. Dessislava Bell knows first-hand. She owns Zaggora, a company named after her hometown in Bulgaria. She came up with the idea of weight-loss exercise shorts while wrapping her thighs in saran wrap before working out. And it worked! She dropped two dress sizes, and turned her “shorts idea” into a MILLION DOLLAR business. I cantell you first hand, that the HotPants do work. You see, I own a pair. They are thin, light and comfortable. In 30 minutes of exercise, you lose 4 times more weight in HotPants than in a standard garment. Hit the pavement or hit the gym! Check out

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Cynthia Newdel knows the ins and outs of entertainment and business news. After all, she has been in the television industry for over 20 years. Ms. Newdel has been in Las Vegas since 2004 and is the Associate Producer/Guest Booker for MORE & MORE Access at FOX5 KVVU-TV. Prior to that, she was at FOX News Channel for 6 years where she was Senior Booker for Neil Cavuto. Cynthia has booked a bevy of guests – everyone from Don King to Larry King. She is also partner of The Cynthia Daniel Company in Las Vegas. The firm specializes in media training, coaching, public speaking and video production.


  1. Call me sceptical-Clothes that make you lose weight whilst exercising?? So I went to the website. It’s effectiveness has actually been tested. Looks credible.

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