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NOW CASTING For A Weight Loss Reality Show.

Weightloss31 e1332863692776 640x213 NOW CASTING For A Weight Loss Reality Show.

Are you curvy, sexy and know you look hot, but know you’d be even hotter and unstoppable if you lost a  few extra pounds?

Have you always wanted to lose weight and show your ex boyfriend WHAT THEY’RE MISSING NOW?
Do you want to go back to your elementary school bully and SHOW THEM THE NEW YOU?
Did your brothers and sisters pick on you for being over weight and you want to FLAUNT THE SKINNIER  YOU?
Do you want to live out the Pretty Woman scene and march into a clothing store that wouldn’t help you and  MAKE THEM DRESS YOUR HOT NEW BODY?
Do you want to lose weight so you can show EVERYONE WHO DOUBTED YOU that they were WRONG?
Has your weight been holding you back from being able to do things that you’ve always wished you could  do?
Let US help YOU live the life you’ve been dreaming about! Just think…you could be in that teeny weeny  bikini by the end of summer if you APPLY NOW!
If you have the weight to lose then OUR TOP NOTCH TRAINERS AND NUTRITION STAFF WANT TO HELP YOU LOSE IT on this show for a Major Cable Network.

*Casting Nationwide

EMAIL: with your Name, contact info,  height/weight, city/state of residence, which one of the above scenarios apply to you and why (if  more than one apply or something similar then tell us that too and why!) and a little about you  (married, kids, occupation, etc). Also email us two CURRENT photos (a headshot and full body shoot).

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  1. Adria Powell-Solomon

    gosh i wanted to apply 4 the weight loss reality show but im 36, r they really strict on the age part????

  2. 'Jamila Punch'it McCormick

    Sounds like something I would be interested in.

  3. Love to do this but I’m not in the correct age group.

  4. open your age group up i am 41 and would love a chance

  5. Hi Ladies! If you look under 35 it still may work!! Definitely apply!! -holland, the casting director for the show

  6. I would love to join not for anyone but my kids so they can see mommy can still look good LOL

  7. would have been nice if just getting healthy and doing it for yourself, your health were an option…as opposed to doing it for someone or revenge or to “look hot” in a teeny weeny bikini”

  8. Cathy Jenkins

    What’s the age?

  9. So I would need to lose weight to get on a weight loss show. That’s depressing. I have way more than 85 pounds to lose. =\

  10. WOuld love to do this but I too am 41

  11. I applied. Please read my application. Good luck everyone. Best wishes.

  12. Same here…. that’s a ridiculous age cut-off.

  13. Let’s get to it!! LOL

  14. What is the age group?

  15. I am excited for everyone that applies…this is a big step to committing to getting healthier!! Rock on ladies!! m/

  16. How bout embracing what u have & not caring what others think.

  17. Cerra Rice-Sample


  18. I just signed up and am praying I get a call or email. I need this so bad…not just for vanity but for health!!!

  19. I just sent in an application for the show. I am praying for good news. I really could use the positive influence and inspiration to reach my weight loss goals!

  20. i think the oppertunity is awesome. i just feel like the age group is not totally fair..i need to lose alot of weight.. please re think your age grouping.. best of luck to all.

  21. Hello Holland! I hope your show picks me. I would be a great personality on the show. I am married and have two kids but my husband and family support me through this journey. I am ready and willing to do it all.

  22. They just want young looking so i’m sure all you hot women would still be considered


  24. I applied! This is something that I really need to do. This would change my whole life! Good luck everyone:)