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Valerie Davis

Valerie Davis is an Award Winning Poet who discovered at an early age that writing was her true passion. St. Louis, Mo. is her hometown and where she avidly studied creative writing at the Creative Arts and Expression Laboratory (C.A.E.L.) with Shirley LeFlore.Valerie now resides in Tampa, FL. and is currently writing her first novel.

  • Love & Dating
    Think Like a Woman and Trust your Instincts

    I must admit I haven’t seen or heard such a buzz among women since the book “He’s just not that into...

    Valerie Davis04/30/2012
  • Love & Dating
    Sex and the Single Woman

    Finding a partner to be intimate with for a single woman can sometimes be a stressful situation and even downright scary...

    Valerie Davis01/17/2012
  • Love & Dating
    When You’ve Come to the End of the Road

    It’s a brand new year and all around us people are making brand new starts. Every first of the year we...

    Valerie Davis01/11/2012
  • Love & Dating
    Distant Lovers … so many miles away

    When it comes to love and I mean true, down to the bone, your heart is about to jump out of...

    Valerie Davis10/21/2011
  • Love & Dating
    The Benefits of a Healthy Sex Life

    Okay we all know that everyone (well most everyone) enjoys having sex and preferably on a regular basis. What some of...

    Valerie Davis09/09/2011
  • Love & Dating
    Friends With Benefits

    Urban Dictionary defines “Friends with Benefits” as: ‘Two friends who have a sexual relationship without being emotionally involved. Typically, two good...

    Valerie Davis08/17/2011
  • Love & Dating
    The “Ultimate” Ultimatum

    We all have our likes and dislikes; things that we’ll tolerate and things that we won’t. But some things are just...

    Valerie Davis08/10/2011
  • Love & Dating
    “Giving Him Something He Can Feel”

    She Speaks The sound of her voice gently floats across the room as a soft whisper… Hitching a ride on the...

    Valerie Davis07/25/2011

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